Wednesday, September 11, 2013


This is how your consciousness is generated. Got it?

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Anonymous said...

To the writer of this blog. I am a libertarian Lubavitcher living in Crown Heights, and just stumbled upon your blog.

I have recently been introduced to anarcho-capitalist thought, but I have some questions about it, and am not fully convinced about it.

You seem like a really smart fellow, so I thought I might as well address my question to you:

How does an-cap theory solve the problem of criminal retribution.

I accept that protection, defense, arbitration of disputes etc. may be done more efficiently in the private sector. But suppose a man got angry at his friend and murdered him in cold blood in middle of the street, how do we react to that incident?

If there is to be retribution for that crime, is it not very dangerous - and unfair to the criminal - to leave his fate in the hands of individuals not bound by any enforceable code of law?

I may not happen upon this blog again, so if you would like to respond, please message me on Reddit. My username is ZalWol.

Until this question is resolved, I will be sticking with Ayn Rand over Murrey Rothbard.