Wednesday, December 19, 2012

On banning assault rifles

Our Supreme Commander in his infinite wisdom has declared that he supports a ban on assault rifles (owned by the peaceful populace; the ban obviously does not cover the government thugs).

The argument boils down to this: let's prevent random lunatics from shooting children with handguns by... taking assault rifles away from homeowners. Who successfully use them to stop home invasions. (By the way, home invasion attempts are lower in the US than in Canada, for example.)

So, is our President an idiot or a political whore?..

Probably both, but one can probe deeper here. Assault rifles can be used to defend against home invasions — not only home invasions by local hoodlums, however, but also by federal agents. And they have been used successfully in the past to this extent; federal agents have been wounded and killed in unlawful home invasions, and the home owners were cleared of charges.

Of course, this is just a tip of the potential iceberg. In a country where the populace is armed with assault rifles, the government is scared. As in Switzerland, for instance. American Government would hate for this to happen (or continue happening) in the US. Hence the proposed ban on assault rifles, under the pretext of caring for the kids.

It's not paranoia when someone is out to get you...


Anonymous said...

A major issue here is that majority of Americans are completely ignorant about guns. The media which influences them is similarly clueless. I crack up when I hear them discussing a "semiautomatic machine gun". Another classic is the menacing way they say "semi automatic", not realizing that semis are the standard gun today. A semi is no big and scary thing. Lastly, they fail to realize that once assault rifles are banned its a slippery slope because many hunting rifles use the same mechanisms and would therefore be made illegal as well.

Side note: Ive been reading Ron Paul's book Liberty Defined. Pretty swell read.

Anarchist Chossid said...

Re: book: that's awesome!