Sunday, November 11, 2012

It takes a while to build up...

In response to Edmund Conway's post–break up (with Apple) letter comparing Apple with Obama, one comment said:
Apple and Obama fan here. Agree about Apple/iOS 6, but zero sourness about Obama. What does economy problem have to do with him, again? He did a damn grand job helping to smooth the landing and overseeing the takeoff. Building takes a lot longer than destroying; people forget that. So yeah, no matter how hard I look, I can’t see anything sour in my Obama relationship, so you’re wrong that all fans would admit that.
My response:
You are right, orchestrating and building a new bubble takes longer than contracting from an old one. It takes days or weeks for people to realize that the papers they are holding are trash. It takes years to build up the con. 
Maybe the administration has been busy choosing malinvestments into which new commodity should be encouraged.  
Perhaps it should be the tulips again. The government should declare that if you invest in tulips, but your investment flops, the government will bail you out. Then, when the over-blown tulip investments burst and crash the markets, the government should provide a ‘soft landing’ by bailing out the tulip farmers and prolonging the resulting contraction from a month to another four years. 
Obama should learn from the Japanese. They have been in stagnation for three decades. Four years are like a butterfly’s dream to them.
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