Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Polish duel

I've posted this before. The action in this scene happens during one of the wars between Poland and Sweden. Polish king's marshal is trying to get one of the Polish nobles to fight for Poland. The noble refuses. The marshal has his house surrounded by the king's soldiers. He calls him out to a duel, promising that if the noble wins the duel, the soldiers will let him go (he makes the soldiers swear).

This is the duel itself:

At the end of the duel, the marshal slightly taps the noble on his head to knock him out. The noble survives and ends up fighting for Poland against the Swedes.

By the way, I recommend to anyone interested in Polish literature and history (military or not) book by the famous historical fiction writer Henryk Sienkiewicz (pronounced as "Senkevich"). The above action is taken from a movie based on the book Deluge.

(Also, interestingly, the author used to be very popular among early Zionists. He was also very popular in Russia as many other Polish authors. In fact, my favorite writer today remains Polish, and one of my favorite writers of the childhood was Polish.)

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