Friday, February 3, 2012

Double-convex yunzi stones

Anniversary (ke"h) present from my wife:

Ordered on Amazon here (originally from Yellow Mountain Imports). The bowls and the bag look just like advertised:

If you're looking for something alternative to glass and cannot afford shell and slate, I recommend these stones very strongly. They are very beautiful and feel very nice when held or placed on the board. If you wash and oil them (make sure to use only mineral oil; definitely no food oils!.. afterwards, wipe the excess oil off), they will feel very smooth. And they have a nice feeling of heaviness and shapiness.

Black stones have deep, rich, chocolaty color to them. White stones have a beautiful light-greenish glow (hard to capture in the pictures) when sitting together in a bowl.


e said...

Oh yeah. That's right. you got married a year ago. Congrats.

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