Monday, September 22, 2008

Political motives for not raping

The height of liberal thought: why are cases of Israeili soldiers raping Palestinian women less numerous? Hebrew U. study finds: because of dehumanization of the Palestinians in the eyes of Israelis. So, not raping your enemy’s women is a sign of racism now.
Aруц Шева пишет — учитывая, что Палестинцы всегда обвиняют Израильтян в том, что мы насилуем их женщин, как же мы теперь выстоим против двойного обвинения — в том, что мы их еще и не насилуем? И они правы. Я так думаю, можно ждать появления плакатов — «Сионисты хотят поработить нас, захватить нашу землю, и побрезговать нашими женщинами!»
[Arutz Sheva writes: considering that Palestinians always accuse Israelis that we rape their women, how will we now withstand a double accusation — that we also do not rape them? And they are right. I think we are safe to expect posters saying: “Zionists want to enslave us, capture our land and ignore our women!”]
One of the comments said: “One cannot even joke about something like this. The article itself is the best self-parody.”

Then, when people tell me that academic environment fries your brains instead of making them better, what can I say? That it’s only among humanities and social sciences? (By the way, Dr. Harl is a conservative and a supporter of Israel.) Most people in the science departments are liberals too.

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By the way, the Hebrew U. professor (the author of the study) was arrested for “suspected rape and sexual abuse of his students”. At least he is not a hypocrite (or racist) — he practiced what he believed in.

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